Cantor Nathan Lam
Nathan Lam, Bass-baritone, has been actively involved as a cantor, voice teacher, music producer, actor, a member of the Screen Actors Guild, event producer, professor and founding Dean of The Academy for Jewish Religion, California, Cantorial School, as well as a much sought after concert artist. His credits include 6 record albums, participation in numerous music recording collections, including one produced by Nordstroms as a fundraiser for Children's Hospitals. He has performed in concert halls in the United States, Europe and Israel; including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles Music Center with great success.

Cantor Lam has been the cantor of the Stephen S. Wise Temple in Bel Air, California, the largest synagogue in the world, since 1976. He has been president of the Cantors Assembly, the largest organization of cantor/clergy worldwide, president of the Cantors Assembly Foundation, Board member of the American Conference of Cantors and has produced numerous events, conventions and missions for these and other organizations. He holds Cantorial Certification from Hebrew Union College, is Commissioned by the Cantors Assembly and the Jewish Theological Seminary as Hazzan/Minister, is a Fellow and Doctor of Music, Honoris Causa of the Jewish Theological Seminary.
He is considered to be a master of the traditional "cantorial art-form" as well as an innovator in the new and modern sounds of the contemporarysynagogue musical style.

He has been a world renowned voice teacher and vocal producer having worked with some of the entertainment business' most famous and successful people. He has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, was featured in an MTV "Day in the Life of a Producer" show and many other TV/News shows. He has performed in movies, television, radio and stage.

He has been written about in feature articles in People Magazine, W Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, Variety, major newspapers and magazines throughout the world. He has been affectionately called the "voice teacher to the stars" and has been applauded for the unique combination of clergyman and entertainment business icon.

Nathan Lam holds many awards and citations from organizations, universities, and government officials; locally, nationally and internationally. He has been commended in the Congressional Record of the United States of America and is proud to have received letters from members of the United States Senate, House of Representatives, and the White House for the contributions he has made to the world Jewish community and to the entertainment business.

He acknowledges his success is due to those who over the years have given him support, their knowledge, time and friendship. He is proud to have studied with Cantors Alan Michelson, Samuel Kelemer, William Sharlin and Moshe Ganchoff. He studied voice with, Seth Riggs, Keith Davis, Giorgio Tozzi, James Low, Jack Metz and Max Walmer. He states "my greatest support has come from my family and friends who have become family. My wife Donna has been there for me and allowed me to be me, and my children and now their spouses are the greatest reward for all my work".

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