Invitation Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to invite you to join us for a most unique, cultural, historical, musical, and emotional opportunity in three European cities; Paris, Vienna, and Warsaw for a unique Jewish experience presented by the Heritage Study Programs.

We will travel with twelve cantors from North America who are among the most outstanding talents in the cantorate. At every point along the way; whether it be "in remembrance of", "in celebration of", or in "commemoration of," it will be punctuated by the presence of this incredible group talented group. Can you imagine a Shabbat experience with a symphonic cantorial choir in Vienna, the birthplace of modern Jewish music?

Can you imagine Havdalah with your voice soaring with the magnificent voices of my colleagues and me as we conclude the celebration of an incredible Shabbat. Can you imagine all the other events that are planned, and you being a part of it? Don't imagine join us for an experience that will be transformational.


Cantor Nathan Lam

Cantor Nathan Lam
Stephen S, Wise Temple
Los Angeles, CA