ConcertsSome of the world's outstanding cantors representing multiple communities around the world will join together to celebrate Jewish Musical Culture from diverse musical traditions. The European Jewish Musical Tradition, which includes Ashkenazic, French, Sephardic, Middle Eastern, and 20th and 21st century American compositions will be interpreted by members of this Cantorial Symphonic Choir.

The artists on this mission are recognized throughout the world as the best exponents of these various styles.  

Guest performers from Europe, such as the Chief Cantor of Vienna, Cantor Shmuel Barzilai, will perform as one of the guest artists in concerts. This is the first time that a cantorial ensemble made up of men and women will make such a journey to the heartland of the Cantorial Legacy of the European experience.  

In France a commemorative we will have a Service/Concert at Normandy Beach.  Our Grand Concert in Paris with members of the Jewish community of Paris will be performed on behalf of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.  

During our Shabbat in Vienna we will recreate the music of the greatest 19th and 20th Century Composers in the Austrian (Viennese and German) traditions. We will pay homage to the Father of the Modern Cantorate, Cantor Salomon Sulzer by featuring his music and the music of his son, Josef Sulzer. Psalm 98 which Franz Schubert composed to honor Cantor Sulzer will also be featured. In keeping the spirit of the Sabbath as long as possible; we will feature a "Malava Malkah" on Saturday evening in a joyful concert of Old Meets New of Jewish Compositions.  

Our Concert here, like the one in Paris will be performed on behalf of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.  Here we will celebrate Vienna, past and present in "A Bouquet of Jewish Music." This concert would be open to the Vienna Jewish community and many dignitaries.                                    

The final concert, in Warsaw,"The Grand Finale" will be a concert dedicated to the memory of the late president Lech Kaczynski, the first lady Maria Kaczynska and the many leaders and patriots who perished in the airplane crash in April, 2010 at Smolensk, Russia.  

This Mission is being led by Cantor Nathan Lam of the Stephen S. Wise Temple in Los Angeles; the largest synagogue in the world.  Cantor Lam was the organizer of the recent trip to Poland and the soon to be released documentary of the uniqueness of that cultural exchange.